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Residential Remodeling

Discover the epitome of residential remodeling with our seasoned team, boasting extensive expertise across various domains. From full-scale bathroom and kitchen transformations to comprehensive interior and exterior renovations, including roofs and retaining walls, we offer a diverse range of services. Your dream home is just a step away – let us elevate your space with precision and flair.


Experience the pinnacle of bathroom renovation expertise with Space Kitchen & Bath. Our seasoned team of professionals specializes in crafting customized solutions that transform your space. From meticulous installations to tailored remodeling, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project. At Space Kitchen & Bath, your vision is our expertise.


Discover the epitome of kitchen renovation mastery with Space Kitchen & Bath. Our seasoned professionals specialize in delivering personalized solutions that redefine your kitchen space. From precise installations to bespoke remodeling, our team brings a wealth of expertise to each project. Elevate your kitchen experience with our unparalleled skills and meticulous attention to detail.


On the inside, we offer a wide array of remodeling solutions, from seamless additions to expert painting services, and so on. Meanwhile, on the outside, our expertise extends to a diverse range of projects, including swimming pool, retaining walls and roofing solutions. Whether it's enhancing the warmth of your living room or fortifying the structure of your home, our team is dedicated to bringing excellence to both the interior and exterior realms of your space.

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